Botox treatment in Kolkata

Why Include Botox in Your Daily Beauty and Skin Care Regime?

Regular moisturizing and cleaning are not enough to have healthy looking skin. It needs something more! With age, skin starts losing its elasticity and facial wrinkles and lines start arriving. You might maintain a beauty routine; still you will lose facial muscles and develop wrinkles that will give you an older look than you are actually. Botox is a treatment that enhances the effectively of a beauty routine.

Different Signs of Aging

Eyes is the first place where you can see your primary signs of aging. Little lines spreading out from the eyes make an individual look tired and aged at a premature stage. Also, you can develop wrinkles in the brow areas due to smiling and squinting. These creases and wrinkles are the first things that catches the attention of people and affect satisfaction and confidence level of a person. You will find people carrying out anti-aging treatment in their 30s to preserve their youthful glow and to have good skin health.

How Botox Prevents Aging

Botox is an injection therapy manufactured from purified bacterium called botulinum toxin. It paralyzes facial muscles temporarily. With Botox injection, the muscles smooth out and relax thereby reducing the appearance of lines and creases. Remember that Botox is not filler; it rather eliminates the problem from its root. Consequences of Botox injection last for many months and an individual maintains a vibrant and fresh look.

There are eminent doctors who can design customized treatment plans for addressing specific areas. They ensure that the patients undergo a comfortable and safe treatment and gain a completely natural look.

Beauty Routine to Compliment Botox

There is no doubt that after Botox treatment in Kolkata, you will have healthier and younger looking skin. But, to maintain this youthful glow, you have to follow a skin care routine to protect your skin from diverse environmental factors like pollution and the sun. Botox together with beauty regime will ensure optimal condition.

Things to Incorporate in Beauty Routine

  • Eat healthy diet
  • Stay physically active
  • Remove makeup before sleep
  • Clean face daily with gentle facial cleanser

The most important thing that you can do to prevent premature aging is protecting the skin from sun damage. You should use some high quality sunscreen regularly, even during winter. This will help in reducing damage from sun’s ultraviolet rays. You must also avoid going outdoors in the afternoon and during early morning as this hampers skin health.

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