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Top Myths and Facts about PRP Hair Loss Treatment

What is PRP Hair Loss Treatment, and How Does It Work?

PRP Hair loss treatment actually stands for Platelet-rich plasma treatment. It is a relatively new but popular treatment to strengthen hair follicles that promote hair growth and combat baldness. PRP hair loss treatment is a scientific procedure that involves extracting concentrated platelets and injecting them into specific areas of the body that need healing. As part of hair loss treatment, it can be injected into the scalp or areas that suffer from baldness or poor hair growth.

The reasoning behind the PRP treatment Kolkata is that platelets are known to fasten the healing process; hence any damaged hair follicles will be restored and repaired, resulting in luscious and healthy hair growth naturally.

PRP for hair loss treatment is relatively new, and there are many myths surrounding it. In this article, we aim to give you an understanding of how PRP actually works whilst eliminating those baseless myths and rumors.

Myth 1- PRP Hair Loss Treatment is not suitable for younger people

This is actually a fake myth! There is no specified age limit for PRP hair loss treatments, and it can be performed on both the young and old, with the end results being similar. Most clinics and hospitals may, however, carry out PRP hair loss treatments only on patients above sixteen years of age due to their own policy guidelines and also because hair loss amongst young teenagers can be overcome by natural means such as diet and lifestyle changes as well as hormone control as opposed to such drastic measures. However, middle-aged persons can also be considered for PRP hair loss treatment Kolkata. Age is not a barrier for PRP hair loss treatment.

Myth 2- PRP Hair Loss Treatments are Only for Men, Not Women

A common misconception is that PRP Hair loss treatments can only be used for treating hair loss in males, and it is not suitable for females. This is not true. PRP hair loss treatment is commonly used for restoring hair growth and addressing issues such as male baldness and Alopecia, but it is quite safe to be used on females suffering from hair loss as well. The effectiveness of the treatment is not affected by the gender of the persons and PRP Hair loss treatments have been tried and tested on both men and women, so there are no restraints for women to seek a PRP Hair Loss Treatment.

Myth 3- You Can Expect Instant Results with PRP Hair Loss Treatment

 This is not right! PRP Hair loss treatment is aimed at treating the hair roots or rather the hair follicles; hence it would take some time for the results to show. PRP treatment aims to repair and restore internally; thus, it would take some time for the results to be more visible in the form of new hair growth or a decline in hair loss. On Average, it would take around three to six months for the results to appear, but this again varies depending on the effectiveness of the treatment, age, severity of hair loss, and genetics. However, it is not right to expect instant results with PRP Hair loss treatments.

Final Thoughts

Long, luscious and healthy hair is something that all of us desire regardless of age or gender. Therefore, why hesitate to make your hair the crowning glory. Get in touch with La Derma Hair and Skin Clinic and get the best PRP Hair loss treatments Kolkata with guaranteed results.

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