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Simple Tips to Remove Sun Tan from Body and Face

Tanning is a common issue for all individuals, especially for people of tropical regions. It causes darkening of skindue to exposure to the sun. Tanning usually takes place on the neck, back, feet, legs, hands, arms and face. However, there areeffective and safe ways to remove this tan.Why should you remove tanning? It is essential to treat tanned skin to prevent negative impact on immune system, skin cancer, skin ageing and more skin damage.

How to get rid of sun tan from body and face?

There are a number of solutions, products and treatments that can reduce skin tan. Whatever method you apply for removing tan, it involves removal of dead skin cells and excess melanin. Tan removal reduces ageing and providesuniform tone to your skin. Let’s take a look at some of the skin whitening treatment available in Salt Lakeand Kolkata for full arms, feet, hands, neck and face…

Tan Removal Methods or Skin Whitening Treatments

  • Laser Toning

Laser toning is one of the best ways of removing tanning from skin. This is done under the supervision of a dermatologist. In this treatment, a laser device is used for breaking the pigmentation and reducing sun spots, tans, etc. This is considered to be the proper approach to deal with sun tan.

  • Chemical Peels

This is another method of removing sun tan from skin and helping in regeneration and exfoliation of skin cells quickly. Chemical peels remove tanned skin layer. Tanned skin is removed with peels of varied concentration. It treats dark skin and gets rid of dead skin layer having excessive melanin. Chemical peels are, in fact, one of the popular skin treatments that can resolve several skin problems.

Alternative Methods of Getting Rid of Tanned Skin

Besides the skin whitening treatments in Kolkata and SaltLake, there are other ways of removing sun tan.

  • Face Wash, Wax and Face Pack

You will find a wide range of face washes and face packs for tan removal. But their effects do not last for long, though they claim of deep cleansing. The greatest imitation of these methods is that they only affect the top skin layer. Hence, they are superficial treatments which do not resolve the issue from the root.

  • Tan Removal Creams

There are bleaches and tan removal creams of diverse brands available in the market. Sorry to say, their effects are also short-lived. These creams only treat surface layer and do not penetrate into the deep layers and treat them.

  • Home Remedies

Home remedies with natural ingredients are very popular, but their effect is also temporary. Hence, for skin whitening treatment in Kolkata and Salt Lake, it is better to go to some expert dermatologist.

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