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PRP Treatment in Kolkata

PRP – An Amazing Treatment to Increase Hair Growth

Numerous people suffer from hair fall problem. Women experience hair loss much more than men. People, facing this problem, are also aware of the consequences. Do you know the consequences to hair fall? It can lead to low self-esteem and incapability to appreciate a person’s appearance. From lack of confidence tosocial teasing, hair loss can lead to serious damage to one’s emotional and social well-being. Problem of hair loss is so grave that many people have spend hefty amount for regaining their hair.

Causes of Hair Fall

Before going to hair treatment in Salt Lake and Kolkata, you should know the reasons for hair loss. Well, hair fall can result from location, genetics, diet and other kinds of factors. The common causes of hair loss are –

  • Deficiency of Protein

If you have low protein content in your body, then it can stop hair growth.

  • Anemia

Deficiency of iron in the body can lead to hair loss. However, this can be resolved quite easily.

  • Stress

Physical stress adversely affects hair growth – body reacts to the scenario causing huge loss of hair.

  • Heredity

If there is a trend of hair loss in the family, then next generations might experiencethe same at a certain age.

  • Hypothyroidism

Having an inactive thyroid gland can result in lack in hormone, which further causes loss of hair.

PRP Hair Loss Treatment

Platelet Rich Plasma or PRP is a modern treatment for hair loss, that is popularly known to provide effective results in a short time. This treatment uses blood platelets for improving hair growth. PRP stimulates hair growth with the help of special platelet cells. This treatment not only accelerates fast hair growth but also regenerates healthy cells, thereby, leading to improved overall recovery of lost hairline and growth of new hairs.

Benefits of PRP Treatment

The first and foremost benefit of PRP treatment is that it effectively restores hair and is a non-surgical technique. It regulates immune system and results in natural and organic hair growth. Many places in Kolkata uses this PRPhair treatment in Salt Lakeand Kolkata because its replaces damaged cells, improves blood circulation and hence, prevents hair thinning. This a safe and long-lasting approach towards natural hair growth. If you want quick recovery from hair loss, then you should go for PRP treatment. So, to treat hair loss, first do somequality research over the internet and find some efficient dermatologists to detect the exact cause of hair reduction.

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