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How Does a PRP Treatment Help in Your Hair Growth

With regular research and advanced study in the medical department, experts are inventing several effective treatments for hair and skin. PRP treatment is a treatment that is gaining huge popularity these days. You can find the best PRP hair treatment in Kolkata at the best rate. PRP treatment is an advanced hair treatment that works by collecting your plasma and stimulating your natural hair growth. Although PRP treatment is in practice since the 1980s, still it needs further research to prove its efficiency in hair growth. Let’s proceed to the main point on how PRP treatment can help you in re-growing your hair—

How does PRP work for hair growth? 

It is a three-step medical process, in which extraction, processing, and injection of the isolated plasma are collected from the patient’s blood. The treatment needs 4-6 weeks to be completed. After completing the treatment procedure, the patient needs to undergo a six-month maintenance process. Here is what a PRP therapy looks like—


In the first step, the blood is collected from the patient’s arm, then it is kept in a centrifuge to separate the blood elements into distinct grades on the basis of their densities. 

Step 2: 

After resting your blood for ten minutes in a centrifuge, it is time to separate your blood into three different layers, Platelet-Poor-Plasma, Platelet-Rich-Plasma, and Red Blood Cells. 

Step 3: 

It is the final step where the plasma is taken into a syringe and transferred into the patient’s targeted area. Maximum clinics are associated with the most experienced experts who do the treatment. Make sure that your chosen PRP treatment clinic in Kolkata has the same so that you enjoy uninterrupted services. 

What is the success rate of the treatment? 

Nowadays, PRP treatment is a common treatment for hair loss and different skin issues. Almost 70% of people recommend this treatment. According to researchers and surgeons, the success rate of the treatment is 60-70%, which is impressive. 

Recovery and maintenance: 

Though it is a minimally invasive process; still the patients need to be careful about a few things. 

Here are the things that you should not do just after the treatment—

  • Applying ice directly to the area.
  • Don’t apply cream or any kind of ointment without your doctor’s suggestion. 
  • You may face pain in your scalp. Don’t consume antibiotics or pain relievers without your doctor’s suggestion. 
  • Use pH-balanced shampoo for the 3 hours just after the treatment. 
  • Take a hot shower to activate the benefits of the treatment. 
  • Stop consuming alcohol and drink more water. 

The recovery process depends on the patient significantly. However, following the mentioned points will surely speed up your recovery.  La Derma is your one-stop destination for everything that you need to pamper your skin and hair. Visit the clinic now, and enjoy the best PRP therapy for your hair and skin.

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