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Harmful Ingredients That Might Have Detrimental Impact on Skin

When purchasing skin care or cosmetic product, what are the things that you pay attention to? Obviously, it is the cost and brand name.You pay very little attention to the different components present in a product. Recent study has shown that various types of chemicals are present in cosmetic or skincare products that get absorbed in our body. These components have harmful effect on the health.

Experts of Skin and Hair Clinic in Kolkatasay that many chemicals used in cosmetic products do not have any approval but are sold across the market. Many chemicals even cause skin allergies and skin irritation. Here mentioned are some harmful chemicals which you should avoid while purchasing any cosmetic product.

  • Toluene

It is a kind petrochemicalfound in petroleum or coal. When this material is used in any product, it can have disastrous effect on health and can also cause skin irritation and nausea. This petrochemical product is found in nail treatments and nail polish. Pregnant women should avoid exposure to this harsh chemical.

  • Fragrance

Almost everyone uses perfume or deodorant regularly, but do you know that they contain some harmful chemicals that can be hazardous to health? It can lead to ailments like allergies and is even detrimental to reproductive system. These chemicals are also found in body wash, moisturizers and perfume.

  • Synthetic Colors

There is no denying the problem that synthetic colors are very pleasing, but they have negative impact. These colors are made from destructive elements like petroleum and so, cause lots of skin problems. Some countries have banned the use of synthetic colors owing to theirharmful impacts on human health.

  • Paraben

It is a kind of preservative used in cosmetic products to avoid the growth of bacteria. Though this may appear to be a positive factor, but it contains certain properties and elements that might increase the propensity of breast cancer. These preservatives can be absorbed through skin and as a proof, they have been identified in biopsy samples of women suffering from this disease. Some common products where you can find such preservatives are facial cleaners, shampoos, due dreams and makeups.

  • Sunscreen Chemicals

Many doctors often suggest the use of sunscreen but, doctors in Skin and Hair Clinic of Salt Lakeadvise that you should avoid using certain sunscreens which contain chemicals easily absorbable in the body. These chemicals, like PABA and homosalate, can even lead to the fatal diseaselike cancer. So, it is better to use a product after knowing its components properly.

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