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Want to restore your youth for a long time? Filler treatment is the best option for that. It will not only reduce your facial lines and wrinkles but also will eliminate the ageing signs from your face. LA Derma is a trustworthy skin and hair clinic that can help you with that. We understand how much the aging signs can bother you, and we are here with the solution. We have experienced dermatologists and the most advanced equipment for this treatment so that you can have your younger face back without any hassle. We offer the best filler treatment in Kolkata with an assurance of safety.


Our Happy Clients

Ashika Jain

I reached Laderma for a oxygeneo facial. So rejuvenating so in love with the treatment. Seeing the good results I underwent body polishing and dandruff treatment too.. loved all the services. I keep visiting them monthly. Highly recommended..



Ria Dutta

Absolutely fantastic experience! Very cordial and knowledgeable staff as well as exceptionally skilled doctors. They will spend a lot of time assessing your skin/hair issues and recommend the best treatment based on your concerns. I’ve had multiple treatments done here and kept coming back as I’ve received such wonderful results. I got a glutathione and multivitamin drip done initially, which was amazing. Then I did PRP, a chemical peel as well as multiple hydrafacials. Absolutely happy with the results. Most importantly, I love the environment and vibe of the clinic. Every single staff make you feel comfortable and confident in the treatments you opt for. Strongly recommend.

Gargi Sarkar

Dr. Tantia is very genuine and gives ample time to hear the patient. I had undergone hydra facial and it was a pleasant experience. Definitely recommend this clinic and doctor to all for skin problems.

Risha Chaudhary

A place that can be trusted by anyone. Dr Tantia helped me with multiple procedures. We Began with carbon peel and the results were extremely pleasing I further went on with getting a nose filler and the whole procedure was painless and went flawlessly.
The results speak volumes of the doctors work.

She is definitely highly experienced, diligent, professional and seasoned in terms of her work and so is the staff

I highly recommend this clinic to everyone planning any skin related treatment in Kolkata. As for myself, I will definitely be visiting them quite often!


One of the best Dermatologists in Kolkata, strongly recommended. My skin has changed a lot and I feel very confident without any makeup. The products recommended by the doctor works wonders for my skin.


Correction of Facial wrinkles and skin folds, such as nasolabial folds (lines extending from the sides of the nose to the edges of the mouth) and perioral lines (small wrinkles in the skin around the mouth and lips).

Augmentation (increased volume) of Cheeks – CHEEK FILLER

Augmentation (increased volume) of lips – LIP FILLER

Augmentation (increased volume) of Chin – CHIN FILLER

Augmentation (increased volume) of back of hand – HandRejuvenation

Non-absorbable (permanent) fillers for nasolabial folds and cheek acne scars.

The restoration and correction of signs of facial fat loss (lipoatrophy).


Individual treatment

Your skin is precious, and it is different from others. We understand your skin and your requirements before starting any procedure and do the entire process accordingly so that you can have the best results.

Best service

You use the most advanced science in our lab. We not only have the smartest equipment but also have dermatologists who are experts in their fields and have years of experience in this field. We offer the best quality service to each patient with intense care.

Safe and hygnic

Your safety is our top priority. We do the entire process with hygiene in every step. We make sure to give you the safest treatment so that you don’t have to face any problems in future. The process is done very carefully and only by the experts.

Frequently asked questions

Though the price depends on your skin type and requirements, the price of the treatment can be anything between 13,000- 30,000 Rs on average. It is also advisable not to get your filler treatment done at an unrealistic cheap price as this can harm your skin in several ways.
It mostly depends on your skin and your requirements. Usually, filler treatments last for something between 2 to 5 years. If you want to continue looking young, you have to attend sessions further.
You may think that it is a painful process, but it is not, especially when done by experts. You may feel some pinches on your face during the process, nothing much.
You may worry about whether it is a safe step to take or not, but you should stop worrying as fillers are absolutely safe unless you have any allergies. It is important to get this treatment done by experts. We make sure of these issues before starting the treatment so that you don’t have to face problems.
Usually, if done with proper care, expert guidance and good materials, as we do it, fillers don’t have any side effects. However, you may feel redness or mild swelling after the treatment. These side effects are not long-lasting and disappear in a few days or weeks after the treatment.
You shouldn’t do any facial massage for at least 2 to 3 weeks after the treatment and avoid suntan after doing fillers. Also, it is advisable to avoid goggles as they can put pressure on the skin around your eyes. You should start using make-up after 1 or 2 weeks of the treatment.

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