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Essential Tips to Remove Sun Tanning from Body and Face

Tanning of face and skin is a common problem for people, especially those living in the tropical regions. They think that there isno way of getting rid of this tanning. But this is not true at all. The fact is, there are ways of removing this pigmentation from skin and face. Skin whitening treatment in Kolkata is an effective and safe method of removing skin tanning.

Why is it important to treat tanned skin?

Do you know why it is essential to treat tanned skin? Treating tanned skin helps to avoid skin cancer, skin ageing, skin damage and any negative impact on the immune system.

What are the ways to remove sun tanning from body and face?

People usually belief that sun tanning cannot repaired, but this is not correct. There are diverse kinds of solutions, treatments and products for reducing pigmentation from sun tan. Whichever method you apply, treatment of tanning involves exfoliation of dead skin cells and washing out of excess melanin accumulated in the skin. As a result of skin whitening treatment in Salt Lake or any other place, the skin gets a uniform tone and the effect of ageing also gets reduced.

Let’s have a look at some of the treatments for removing tanning from arms, feet, hands, neck and face…

Sun Tan Removing Treatments

  • Laser Toning

Laser treatment for removing tan by some dermatologist is an efficient way of tan removal. In this treatment, a laser device is used for breaking the pigment and reducing sun spots, tan, etc.

  • Microdermabrasion

This is an exfoliating treatment that effectively removes dead skin cells and tanning.

  • Chemical Peels

Chemical peels are available for removing sun tanning from skin. Theyremove tanned layers of the skin and help in fast exfoliation and regeneration of skin cells.Peels come in diverse range of concentration and treat tanned and dark skin by getting rid of dead skin containing excess melanin.

Asides these treatments, many other things like face wash, tan removal creams, face packs, home remedies and wax act as skin whitening treatment in Kolkata. Some face packs are quite effective in removing skin tanning. All these methods though provide effectual results, they are only temporary. These are short-term solutions for skin whitening.

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