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Dermaplaning or Facial Shaving what is the Best Choice for You?

Are you suffering from dark hair after doing a facial treatment? many complaints about that, it is a common issue these days. If you want to enjoy brighter, younger skin, Dermaplaning is the best treatment for you. It is an advanced skincare treatment that reduces blemishes, dullness, pigmentation, dead skin, and more. Dermaplaning is the latest skin care treatment Kolkata that has received wide popularity these days. All the credits behind this demand go to the amazing benefits of the treatment.

People often feel confused about opting for Dermaplaning or using a facial razor. These two options are efficient to remove facial hair; however, these two are completely different from each other. Shaving the facial hair with a razor is just like how men shave their bread.

On the other hand, Dermaplaning is a dedicated treatment for removing dark facial hair, which is recommended by dermatologists.

Here are a few advantages of dermplanining that will help you in deciding whether dermplanining is best or not—
• Dermaplannig can be added with other skin treatments, and you will have extra benefits. Your skin will be better, flawless, and smooth.
• In this treatment, your skin’s top layer is removed. The dead skin cells vanish after this treatment, and your skin looks gorgeous and brighter.
• Clear, young, blemish-free skin cannot be enjoyed with only shaving. Dermaplaning follows a deep exfoliation process that removes all the dirt, impurities, and dead skin cells completely and offers beautiful skin.
• Dermplannig offers long-lasting results than shaving. While you are shaving the facial hair, you will see new growth is coming after a few days. However, with Dermaplaning, your new hair growth will be reduced.
• It is an advanced treatment procedure that is gaining huge popularity. Shaving is an old method that has several consequences too. On the other hand, dermaplannig will offer you countless benefits within one treatment.

It is an easy and safe skin treatment. While you shave you may cut your skin. On the other hand, this treatment is done under the supervision of experts who will avoid any accidents. And there is no chance of skin damage.

You can opt for this treatment at any premium beauty care clinic. La Derma Clinic is a renowned clinic that can help you in enjoying the best skin treatment clinic in Kolkata at the best rate. Visit the clinic now!

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