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Benefits of Botox Treatment in Skin and Hair Clinics of Kolkata

What is Botox? In colloquial term it is called snake venom but, it is a toxin secreted by Clostridium Botulinum, a medical name of a bacterium. This bacterium causes a poisoning condition called botulism. Botox which results in botulism is known to be powerful neurotoxin.

Ways of Applying Botox

Skin and Hair Clinics in Salt Lake use Botox as a mode of treatment. They inject Botox in small amounts with the help of fine needles in desired areas. It blocks the communication between the concerned organs and nerves.

Advantages of Botox Treatment

  • Using Botox blocks nerve impulses for some timethereby giving relaxation to themuscles. As a result, it also helps the skin to stretch and eliminate wrinkles.
  • Botox is very effective in removing crow’s feet and wrinkles in the forehead.
  • You can raise your eyebrows to some extent by using Botox.
  • Some women have superficial and very fine wrinkles in their upper lips. These lines and wrinklescan be removed with Botox.
  • In some people, the nasal tip moves when talking and laughing. Botox treatment in Skin and Hair Clinic in Kolkata or any other place can prevent such movement.
  • Botox can even be applied to armpits, soles and palms for preventing perspiration.

Side Effects of Treating with Botox

In the medicine world, Botox is being used for around 25 years for treating several diseases. It is indeed a safe drug – it does not have any such side effects, or even if it has then the effect will be temporary. The most common side effect of using Botox is that it spreads to the non-targeted muscles causing temporary weakness to them. For instance, if a patient has overdose of Botox, then he can experience eyelid problem known as “ptosis”. This will cause discomfort in patients for a number of weeks. Since facial muscles have small regions, it is very important to apply the dosages carefully. You should always consult an experienced physician for this treatment because application of Botox requires proper training of the physician. When done properly, Botox treatment gives beatific outcomes.The best Skin and Hair Clinic in Kolkata has some proficient and trained physicians who can provide effectual Botox treatment.

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