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5 Must-To-Do Things before Your Laser Treatment Starts

India is a country where summer dominates most of the year. On summer days, maximum ladies prefer regular waxing. However, have you ever thought of something better than waxing? Laser treatment is an option that will make your summer days more enjoyable. With this treatment, you don’t need to visit a parlor daily. By finding the best laser hair reduction in Kolkata, you will have the best laser therapy experience and your headache for regular waxing will be vanished too. Laser treatment needs some preparation so that you receive excellent results and experience a smooth treatment. Hence, don’t be in hurry, take some time to complete the following jobs for an uninterrupted laser treatment experience—

Avoid plucking and waxing: 

Laser therapy works on your hair roots, if you pluck your hair or wax the targeted area, then your laser treatment will not work. You can shave in the intervals of your treatment, however, plucking and waxing is a big no for you. 

Avoid outdoor activities: 

Before two weeks of your laser treatment, you should stop doing outdoor activities. Outdoor activities will create a sun tan on your skin. Experts never do laser treatments on tanned skin as it can create discoloration on your skin, or you may face blistering too. Find the best laser hair reduction in Kolkata and take your appointment soon to enjoy your beautiful skin. 

Avoid bleaching: 

Laser hair treatment works by targeting hair roots. When you are doing bleaching on your skin, your hair changes its original color, and it becomes difficult to target for the laser treatment. Bleaching should be stopped before the six weeks of the treatment. Six Weeks is enough time to grow hair in natural color. 

Remove make-up or creams:

When you are all set to visit your laser hair reduction parlor, try to remove all your make-up and creams. Laser treatment shows side effects if your target area includes any type of cream, make-up, deodorant, etc. If you use any make-up remover, try to rinse that too with clean water before the treatment.  

Check your medicines: 

Laser treatment will not stop you from taking your regular medications; however, there are a few medicines that you should avoid consuming just before the treatment. Share all your medicine details with the laser expert before the treatment.  La Derma is a premium laser hair reduction clinic in Kolkata. The clinic has the most experienced beauty experts who are offering a smooth laser treatment experience. 

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